Lite2Go 2 Mtr LED light strip with USB connection 

This great 2mtr LED light is the perfect partner for Qube Tents and can be powered using the PowerUP charger or indeed any USB power source.

The strip is waterproof to IP67 and comes with a stuff bag and 3 fixing ties 

Choose from a white or colour changing options .


Solar Panel + PowerUp battery pack 

14W Sunpower solar panel - USB connections - Charge up you devices directly or charge the PowerUp charger to store up power for when you need it.

15,600 mAh duel port USB portable charger- Charge any device via the duel USB connections.


* Phone shown in images is not included and is for illistration purposes only

Universal Tunnel

The Universal Tunnel connects all variations of the Qube and come in a grey colour. Simply zip on to connect up your Qubes ..​

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